[ka-Map-users] Base layer at the top, wrong order

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue May 13 18:12:22 EDT 2008

Hi Emilio,
I would say you've answered alone

do you really nead your layers in a group called BASE?

Emilio Ponce wrote:
> Hi list,
> I've realised that when we set a layer as "Base" (with no group 
> defined in the mapfile), this doesn't respect the order of the layers 
> established in the own mapfile. I mean that if my mapfile defines 
> different layers sequentially:
> Layer "one"
> Layer "two"
> Layer "three"
> Normally the layer called "three" is going to be painted at the top of 
> the other layers, and layer "one" is going to be painted first, so is 
> in the bottom. If we put layer "one" as BASE, this is at the top , not 
> at the bottom as is expected. I've read that this issue is related to 
> the init.php file of Ka-map, anyone knows how to solve this problem? 
> or is better to set groups for all the layers and forget this bug?
> Thank you,
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