[maplab-users] problem in globprefs.php in windows 2000 advanced server

Paul Spencer
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 15:38:28 -0400
Well, since it's urgent ;)

mapserver is required for maplab.  Mapserver is provided by 
php_mapscript.dll.  This file is compiled for different versions of php, 
so you will need to pick the appropriate one.  You should be able to 
find one at

To make sure mapserver is configured properly, you should create a file 
called phpinfo.php (the name is not really important) with the following 

dl( "php_mapscript.dll" );

Once you can display this page without error and see a MapScript 
section, mapserver and php are correctly installed and working.

 From this point, the configuration of maplab should be relatively 

Please confirm that you have mapserver installed and working as per 
above and then if you are still experiencing problems, please send me 
another message with details on your setup.

Good luck,


Rajagopalan Venkatakrishnan wrote:
> sir,
> I am a new user of maplab. I downloaded all
> applications required for running maplab and installed
> them. I am able to get the starting web page. The
> configuration of maplab was not that successful.
> I get an error in globprefs.php when i open mapedit in
> maplab. And in mapbrowser and gmapfactory i get the
> same. can somebody give me the contents of the
> configuration that is to be done for the three.
> Is mapserver need to be installed for maplab to
> function or is it independent.
> Need urgetnnt help.
> regards
> venkatakrishnan
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