[maplab-users] java Class files not found...

Oldes Cokdu
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 09:58:06 +1000
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the mySQL info...

Despite I had downloaded 3.6.6, it seams that I was using and older _36.dll.
Apperently I missed to upgrade the dll in its location.  Bad bad boy!

I am still getting ClassNotFound exceptions for java objects including Rosa.
Class files EXISTS in the directory structures but It seems that somehow
classpath is not properly set with in maplab!!..  However my other Java
based programs are running OK.

My Java environment should be j2sdkee1.3.1 and j2sdk1.4.0.  I am not sure
the version of the JRE but it should be at least 1.3.1

Do you have any idea on that?

Kind regards,

Oldes Çökdü <>         
Mob:   +(61) 417 139 382 (AU)        +(90) 536 816 1407 (TR)
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