[maplab-users] Installation of MapLab 2.0rc4 - strange behavi our

Tweedy, Scott
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 08:34:34 -0500
Yeah, my file_browswer_root value is an absolute path to an existing
directory.  I've checked the spelling of the folder name and it's correct.
I've also tried using the folder name with and without a trailing slash.
Each time I get the same result, the file browsing starts in the /common/

I'm using IE 6.0.26 when this behaviour is seen.

Thanks again,

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Hi Tweedy,

Tweedy, Scott wrote:
> I installed MapLab 2.0rc4 and I started getting seeing some weird
> I'm currently using Windows 2000, IIS 5.0, PHP 4.3.1, MapServer 3.6.4 (or
> 3.7, I tried both).
> At first when I loaded MapLab I saw the following error message.
> Warning: mkdir(c:/winnt/temp/sess_3e6cece6ed637) [function.mkdir]: File
> exists in D:\maplab\htdocs\common\session\session.php on line 141
> The error message went away when I changed the session.auto_start value in
> my PHP.ini file (which was set to 0 by default) to 1.


> Then when I loaded MapLab in IE6.0 and tried to open a file the file
> opened in the wrong directory.  It's opening within the MapLab file
> structure in the maplab/htdocs/common/ folder instead of the directory
> I defined in the XML file.
> How can I get MapLab to start browsing the correct directory?

This happen when the path specify in configuration file is not an 
absolute path or a valid path. Can you double check those values please, 
I'll take a look at the PHP code to make sure that everything is ok though.

> Thanks in advance,
> st
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