[maplab-users] fwd: mapFactory components

Fred Warnock
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 11:43:15 -0500
forwarding Chris's query to you all...

"I'm not sure whether this is better addressed to you or the group but 
here goes."

"Is there a way of separating the components of a Maplab app. I'm 
looking to put the keymap, scalebar and mainmap into different cells of 
an html table. So far I'v managed to jam the whole Mapfactory app into 
one html table cell."

"Mapfactory creates a single .php include that contains the guts of the 
app. Hopefully, you know of a way of doing this without mangling the 
hell out of the .php file."

"Does this make any sense or should I elaborate?"


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