[maplab-users] OpenMapFileBrowser() window size

Tyler Mitchell
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 14:49:32 -0800

On my ms4w install, the mapedit OpenMapFileBrowser function produces a
window slightly too small to see everything.  Everything looked good after
I changed the sizes to ...width=425,height=475...   Then I realized that
was because my Internet Explorer Text Size is set to "Larger" - it appears
this function assumes a "Medium" text size.

-  Is there some logic that can be built into the mapedit function to make
this less of an issue?
- Can the text sizes be forced or set explicitly in the function?
- Can you add scroll bars to make the rest of the window accessible if
using a different text size?

What's you're take on the best way to handle this?   The pop-up ads I get
don't seem to have this problem ;)


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