[maplab-users] Maplab installation and configuration

Ivan Kautter ivankautter at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 14 22:03:20 EDT 2005

List subscribers,

I have attempted to install and use maplab under my current Apache2 
installation (not ms4w), current mapserver installation, and current php 
installation as I installed all these components before I knew of maplab.  
In attempting to access the index page for maplab I get the error message 
that the session save path does not exist or is not writeable.  What I fail 
to understand is how the session save path would be accessible under the 
recommended ms4w installation if the path were "C:/tmp" as I think that 
would have to writeable for the web server.  Now if I set an absolute path 
for session save path in the php.ini file that should be accessible by the 
web server under my current configuration, I still get the same error.  So 
this is one issue that I cannot resolve.

Further, in merely hunting around, I thought I would try the info.phtml file 
to see if that worked.  Unfortunately, the code in that file specifies the 
use of the dl() which I gave never gotten to work under Apache2.  Error 
message is the standard one for dl() may not be used in a multithread 
server, despite the fact that I have it enabled in php.ini.  I, of course, 
added the required extensions (php_dbase.dll and php_g2.dll) via the php.in 
file.  This seems to make no difference as the script in info.phtml seems to 
require the use of the dl() function.  Will this keep me from using maplab 
at all?

I am wondering what the possible solution can be to these problems so that I 
can use maplab.

I am running under Windows XP home using Apache 2, the lastest php 4, 

I have the maplab-2.2 folder residing directly under the Apache2 directory 
and the pages are accessible but not functioning properly as I stated above. 
   PHP is installed directly under C: directory.

Thanks for any assistance that anyone can offer.

Ivan Kautter

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