[maplab-users] Blank map ROSA/html

Brian briand0405 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:09:29 EST 2006

MW4W with Maplab, Gmap Sample App and Chameleon installed on the D
drive of a Win2000 maching running Apache. New install

I spent half the day troubleshooting based on other listserv info but
none seems to work or worked for me.

I've created a map file using mapedit with an existing shape file.
When view with the Mapedit preview or map browser, there are no errors
but the map space is all white. It acts like its working but it never

Any help would be appreciated and I will provide whatever information
you need to help me.

please note that the mapedit tutorial map, gmap sample app and
chameleon sample apps all work so Im sure its with my shp file of map
file but I cant figure it out.


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