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You need to set up the world (.wld) file with your extents to make it
work. Check out
for details.


On 9/16/06, Athanasis Nikolaos <athanasis at geo.aegean.gr> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to include a raster (tiff) image in my maplab project. However,
> the image is not displayed at all.
> After carefully examining the "tutorial.map" file of the tutorial, i
> examined that with each tiff file included in the tutorial.map file, two
> more files come together: a ".wld" file anf a ".rrd" file.
> In my project, these file are have not been created. Do I have to create
> them?I see that the ".rrd" file is not editable, however the ".wld" file is.
> What do I have to write in my wld file?
> Thanks,
> Athanasis Nikolaos
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> Department of Geography
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