[Mapserver-ottawa] I found it !!! oops but ...

Dharani Babu dharanibabus@hotmail.com
Fri, 13 Feb 2004 14:48:54 +0530

Hi all
  I found the answer . Simply putting . When I extracted the ms4w package it 
unzipped into ms4w/ms4w/apache ..but i moved it to ms4w/apache .Just removed 
the sub folder ms4w . Now apache is running . But I need to go more than 
this . Thats I need to read TIGER files and then publish then as web pages . 
So I need to customze it more . Could any of u shed some light on this ? How 
to use MapScript and MapServer APIs to get our own web application running ? 
Whats teh diff between MapServer.dll and MapScript API usage with ref to 
developing our own applciation ?

with regards & thanks in advance
dharani , india

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