[Mapserver-ottawa] Hello World ! :)

Mathieu Bertrand mjbertrand at gmail.com
Wed May 31 13:34:09 EDT 2006

Hi everybody !

I just want to say hello to everybody on the mailing list.  I'm new to
this m-l since May 5th and didn't see any plan for a meeting yet.

Do you plan to meet together soon ?  I'm from Gatineau and would be
interested to participate to your meeting if it match with my schedule
! :)

I'm quite new to mapserver, I'm a student from uottawa in Software
Engineering.  I discovered mapserver in one my coop term and since
then, I'm trying to follow the development and news from the

For now, I'm just trying to play with the code a little bit and also
to familiarized myself with this big domain that is gis.

So, a big hello to everyone ! :)

Best regards,
-Mathieu Bertrand

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