[ms4w-users] problem with line layers

Sistema de Información y Planificación Ambiental sipa at spa.gba.gov.ar
Thu Jul 21 14:14:30 EDT 2005

I´m working with MS4w 1.03 on win xp sp2. I´ve created several map files
using including polygon, point and line layers. But when I try to view them
by calling mapserv via cgi-bin,
.map&mode=map)    the line or point layers don´t show up, but polygon ones

The funny thing is that if I use the same map file with maplab or gmap,
everything is ok and all layers are shown.

Any clues?


Ing. Sergio D. López

Sistema de Información y Planificación Ambiental

Secretaría de Política Ambiental – Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Torre Gubernamental II – Calle 53 esquina 12 - Piso 14

La Plata

TE 0221-429-5579 int:15526 - 15507


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