[ms4w-users] Problems running multiple virtual servers

Oliver Ishmael oliver_ishmael at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 24 10:12:03 EST 2006

Hi List,

I am in the process of experimenting with multiple Mapserver powered 
packages namely MS4W, WAMP and FIST.
I have run into problems when i try to install multiple virtual servers on 
the same drive. Although i have limited experience in this field the best i 
can suggest is that they must be using conflicting Ports, however, i have no 
idea how to fix this.

To give you an idea of the scope of the problem, this WAMP forum thread 
highlights the problems i too have:                
I have tried asking for help on the WAMP-users list but the only solution 
offered was to install
MS4W on a real server and put WAMP on a virtual server.

This solution won't work for me because i would like to set up 3 virtual 
servers so that i can test the
compatibility of various software eg. PHP, PostgreSQL, PostGIS etc and it 
would be simplest (less conflictions and easier to resolve) if they were run 
on individual virtual servers.

Can anyone detail the process i need to follow to do this? Your help is very 
much appreciated.


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