[ms4w-users] Thematic Mapping based on Joine MS SQL Server Table

p theaathina at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 03:48:27 EDT 2007

I'm a new ms4w mapserver user. I need to develop a web
application, serving one shapefile
joined with an MS SQL Server flat table [or even a dbf
The polygon shapefile has a 1-1 relationship with the
DB table.

I need to have the polygon shapefile thematic
classified based on a joined table field. So far I
managed to install/create mapfile/create new
map service/perform the join/deploy new map sites
using FIST. So I have a working map service but I'm
stuck in displaying the polygons classified based on
the joined attributes.

Is thematic classification based on joined field
values supported? What is the proper syntax for the
classification in the map file? I think i need to
create an ogr connection but i could not find any
sample map file showing how to create the connection.

[I have ms4w 2.2.3]

Thank you

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