[ms4w-users] new server crashes generating tiles

Nick Ullman nullman at econolite.com
Fri Jun 15 18:22:34 EDT 2007

Hello List!


I just installed MS4W (2.2.4) and ka-map(1.0) on a brand new machine.
Windows 2003 R2 64bit edition running on an AMD Opteron 2218HE.  


I am getting crashing blue-screens when browsing via the ka-map sample
interface or while running the precache php script.  I don't see a
pattern to this crashing, sometimes several hours and hundreds of
thousands of .png files go by before a crash.  The IT department of
course blames the flaky 'free' software.


This is my first 64 bit Windows OS and AMD machine.  My Windows 2003 R2
32bit Xeon computer with MS4W is working just fine.  Same data, same
.map file.


Has anyone else encountered issues with MS4W on 64 bit and/or AMD cpu's?




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