[ms4w-users] Setting Up Apache

oladayiye a.s gisnigeria at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 30 13:34:13 EDT 2007

Hi folks,
  I am a GIS analyst trying to learn my trade all over (that is what web mapping means), I am in the process of installing MapServer 9I'm using Tyler Mitchell's Web mapping as my guide), but I have problem setting up Apache, the service just wouldn't run. 
  I tried http://localhost/ and what i get are general info on webservice and IIS - I have .Net and ASP installed on my system. i checked the Administrative Services and found that Apache service is not started. I tried several times to manually instal it and all I get is this: 
  "Windows could not start the Apache MS4W webserver on local computer. For more information review system event log, if it is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor and refer to service-specific error code 1"
  My system is Intel Pentium M 1.60GHz 512 RAM Qosmio Toshiba running MS Windows XP.
  Any help at all will be highly appreciated.

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