[MS4W-Users] Setup ms4w on hosting site

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Jan 7 18:56:47 EST 2010

Jesse Johnson wrote:
> I am trying to set up ms4w on a hosting site (siteground.com) and I am
> having some difficulty getting it running.  I was able to simply install
> and setup my map on my local machine but the task of setting it up with
> a hosing provider isn't as simple.  I can't simply run the .bat files to
> install the server, presumably because it's already installed somewhere
> with the host?  I assume that it is possible to set it up but I need
> some help.  Please let me know if you can offer some advise.  
> Thanks!

Hello Jesse,

There is a section in the MS4W README that might be of assistance 

Regarding your host, I am not sure what kind of environment you are 
given.  You might first try those instructions, and try to see if you 
can access the MapServer CGI in your hosting environment.  Basically 
move everything from /ms4w/Apache/cgi-bin/ into a visible directory on 
your hosting environment, and try to access mapserv.exe in a browser.

But if you are stuck you can always email me directly and we can discuss 
support rates.

Hope this helps a little.


Jeff McKenna
FOSS4G Consulting and Training Services

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