[MS4W-Users] Additional GDAL scripts

Michael Smith MichaelS at abag.ca.gov
Wed Apr 20 16:52:16 EST 2011

I recently installed MS4W and have successfully set it up as a WMS server with a few basic GeoTIFFs. I would like to make larger GeoTIFFs available as WMS services but cannot seem to find a couple GDAL Python scripts; gdal2tiles.py and gdal_retile.py. So far I have not been able to track down references to these tools in the message archives.

Is there a way to rebuild GDAL within MS4W that would install those two scripts?

I have MS4W 3.0.2, Python 2.6.6, and NumPY for Python 2.6 installed and am using Windows Server 2003 for my OS.

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