[MS4W-Users] MS4W version 3.0 (January 17, 2011) what is about other PHP-Extensions?

Evgeni T. mapserver at mail.ru
Thu Jan 20 05:23:25 EST 2011

Hallo @all MS4W-User.
I allready downloaded and installed the new release of MS4W version 3.0 and I foud out that the C:\ms4w\Apache\php\ext directory just includes a view php-extension but not the whole amout like in the older versions. Ok, the server was build with the most common extensions like MySQL, SOAP and others. But I just miss a SHMOP, Tidy and also a PDO-Mysql. So is that possible to upgrade the MS4W with this common extensions, so that I can also use them?

Thank you and best regards from Germany.

Evgeni T.

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