[MS4W-Users] Reprojection of WMS layer with mapsrcipt

Peter.Jehle at tba.llv.li Peter.Jehle at tba.llv.li
Tue Jul 19 03:51:12 EST 2011

> Hi all,
> I have a proprietary map (-server ) software, that offers an non
> WMS-compliant Web-Interface. To use this software as a WMS, i have
> written an wrapper/proxy script in php, that translates WMS-request to
> the proprietary URL, performs the request an returns the result as a
> WMS-compliant answer.
> So far, this works fine. But now i have the problem, that I should
> reproject  images according to the WMS "SRC" param (for example
> WGS84). Since my proprietary software does not support reprojection, I
> would like to do this task in the php wrapper script. Is there a way
> to do this with mapscript and/or proj4? Can I use mapsript without a
> UNM-Mapserver mapfile? If so, is there a php script example ?
> Thanks for any suggestion
> Regard's
> Peter
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