[MS4W-Users] MS4W in Tile Server mode?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sat Mar 2 21:44:30 EST 2013

On 3/2/2013 8:36 PM, James_in_Utah wrote:
> Hi,
> I am very much a newbie having just discovered MS4W this week.  I need to
> set up a map server on a DMZ at work, and I need to serve up NAIP JP2000
> imagery to legacy applications that are expecing 512 x 512 files in the old
> World Wind directory structure.  I see from the documentation that MS4W has
> a tile server mode, but doesn't give an example of how to use it.  Also, our
> applications are expecting tiles projected for WGS84.  The imagery that we
> are getting is in JP2 format.  Is that OK?  I didn't see that on the list of
> supported formats.  I need to splice those up and serve them out to the apps
> in either JPG or PNG format.  Can this be done?


Here is a rough outline of how you would to this:

1. create a mapfile for mapserver to read your jp2 files and render them 
in jpeg or png format. This has to be setup as WMS.

2. configure mapcache for the tiles you want and use the mapserver wms 
as the source. Configure the demo service also for testing.

Then you should be able to go to http://yourserver/mapcache/demo

This mapcache will populate the cache on the fly as you request tiles or 
you can run the seeder to precache the tiles. When you request a tile 
from mapcache it will serve the tile if it exists or it will create it 
and store it in the cache and serve it up.

There should be documentation and examples on the mapserver.org site.

-Steve W

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