[OSRS-PROJ] java port of proj-4

Frank Warmerdam warmerda at home.com
Sun Apr 2 18:05:34 EDT 2000

James Macgill wrote:
> I am looking to improve support for projections in my open source Java
> mapping toolkit geotools.
> proj seems like a good place to start so I'm looking to port the code into
> a Java class library that can be used separately or in conjunction with
> geotools.
> Before I start however, I would like to check that an open source
> implementation of the code is not already available in Java so that I don't
> waste my time re-implementing it.
> If there is no existing port then I will set to work.  Is there a set of
> test files that I could use to put through any code that I write to check
> that I am getting the right results?


You might want to look at OpenMap for Java implementations of a few
projections, but I am not aware of an OpenSource projections library
with the breadth of PROJ. 

I am not aware of a set of test data files, but you should be able to 
create these easily, and compare projection results from PROJ and your newly
developed libraries.  I am also interested in doing some comparison of 
results between PROJ, GCTP and Geotrans to verify that everything is kosher. 


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