[OSRS-PROJ] gauss-krueger/transverse mercator

Gerald I. Evenden gevenden at capecod.net
Mon Jun 12 20:42:02 EDT 2000

+k rather than the preferred +k_0 may be an artifact that I left in the USGS
distribution.  I will have to check.

The "+unfact" option *is not* of my doing and comes from some non-USGS
distribution.  I'm mystified and curious of its purpose.

Since I see "m." I suppose it is a product of the GRASS people.

As some may be unaware, I authored the original PROJ.4 as distributed
by the USGS kai.er.usgs.gov site.

Jerry Evenden and the Low Riders, Katie and  Daisy May
gevenden at capecod.net  http://www.capecod.net/~gevenden
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> On Mon, Jun 12, 2000 at 05:48:24PM -0400, Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> > A couple of elements caught my eye here and represent modifications
> > to PROJ.4 that are not part of the USGS distribution.  I am curious
> > as to what the parameter definitions are:
> >
> > +unfact= ???
> This is queried in
> proj4/get_proj.c
> > +k= ???
> >
> > "k" is terminology for the scale factor anywhere while k_0 refers to
> > a scale factor at a specific location.  I don't think dropping the _0
> > or meaningful.
> I guess it is the scale factor as being 0.99996 for UTM and 1.0 for
> Gauss-Krueger.
> > As for "unfact" I have absolutely *no* idea what that is.
> This I cannot recall, but was told it once when wondering about it.
> Sorry - no help today...
> Morten Hulden <morten at ngb.se>, who updated the m.proj of GRASS 5,
> explained it to me last year.
> Sorry to be no more help (but proj4 and m.proj work well!)
>  Markus Neteler

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