[OSRS-PROJ] proj4.4.2 windows proj.dll and geod.dll

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Feb 14 12:55:15 EST 2001

"Susanne R. Och" wrote:
> Dear Mr Warmerdam,
> I am trying to generate the geod.dll and geod.exe for windows (PC: WinNT
> 4.0 SP4). As you already explained to Andrew Larcombe (email from Dec, 1st
> 2000), I also missed the def file. Now I got it from his email attachment.
> But what I really would like to generate is geod.exe and geod.dll for
> Windows. In a first step I will call the geod.exe from my java application,
> in a second step I intend integrate geod.dll using the java native
> interface (faster and cleaner).
> Did I get it right: you have a makefile for geod using microsoft visual c++
> available by cvs for proj4 ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Susanne


I am attaching the current development makefile.vc, which includes a
rule to build geod.exe. 

Good luck,

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azimuthal = \
	PJ_aeqd.obj PJ_gnom.obj PJ_laea.obj PJ_mod_ster.obj \
	PJ_nsper.obj PJ_nzmg.obj PJ_ortho.obj PJ_stere.obj

conic = \
	PJ_aea.obj PJ_bipc.obj PJ_bonne.obj PJ_eqdc.obj \
	PJ_imw_p.obj PJ_lcc.obj PJ_mpoly.obj PJ_poly.obj \
	PJ_rpoly.obj PJ_sconics.obj

cylinder = \
	PJ_cass.obj PJ_cc.obj PJ_cea.obj PJ_eqc.obj \
	PJ_gall.obj PJ_labrd.obj PJ_lsat.obj PJ_merc.obj \
	PJ_mill.obj PJ_ocea.obj PJ_omerc.obj PJ_somerc.obj \
	PJ_tcc.obj PJ_tcea.obj PJ_tmerc.obj

misc = \
	PJ_airy.obj PJ_aitoff.obj PJ_august.obj PJ_bacon.obj \
	PJ_chamb.obj PJ_hammer.obj PJ_lagrng.obj PJ_larr.obj \
	PJ_lask.obj PJ_nocol.obj PJ_ob_tran.obj PJ_oea.obj \
	PJ_tpeqd.obj PJ_vandg.obj PJ_vandg2.obj PJ_vandg4.obj \
	PJ_wag7.obj pj_latlong.obj

pseudo = \
	PJ_boggs.obj PJ_collg.obj PJ_crast.obj PJ_denoy.obj \
	PJ_eck1.obj PJ_eck2.obj PJ_eck3.obj PJ_eck4.obj \
	PJ_eck5.obj PJ_fahey.obj PJ_fouc_s.obj PJ_gins8.obj \
	PJ_gn_sinu.obj PJ_goode.obj PJ_hatano.obj PJ_loxim.obj \
	PJ_mbt_fps.obj PJ_mbtfpp.obj PJ_mbtfpq.obj PJ_moll.obj \
	PJ_nell.obj PJ_nell_h.obj PJ_putp2.obj PJ_putp3.obj \
	PJ_putp4p.obj PJ_putp5.obj PJ_putp6.obj PJ_robin.obj \
	PJ_sts.obj PJ_urm5.obj PJ_urmfps.obj PJ_wag2.obj \
	PJ_wag3.obj PJ_wink1.obj PJ_wink2.obj

support = \
	aasincos.obj adjlon.obj bch2bps.obj bchgen.obj \
	biveval.obj dmstor.obj mk_cheby.obj pj_auth.obj \
	pj_deriv.obj pj_ell_set.obj pj_ellps.obj pj_errno.obj \
	pj_factors.obj pj_fwd.obj pj_init.obj pj_inv.obj \
	pj_list.obj pj_malloc.obj pj_mlfn.obj pj_msfn.obj \
	pj_open_lib.obj pj_param.obj pj_phi2.obj pj_pr_list.obj \
	pj_qsfn.obj pj_strerrno.obj pj_tsfn.obj pj_units.obj \
	pj_zpoly1.obj rtodms.obj vector1.obj pj_release.obj \
	geocent.obj pj_transform.obj pj_datum_set.obj pj_datums.obj \
	pj_apply_gridshift.obj emess.obj nad_cvt.obj nad_init.obj \
	nad_intr.obj strtod.obj

LIBOBJ	=	$(support) $(pseudo) $(azimuthal) $(conic) $(cylinder) $(misc)
PROJEXE_SRC	=	proj.c gen_cheb.c p_series.c
GEODEXE_SRC	=	geod.c geod_set.c geod_for.c geod_inv.c emess.c

default:	proj.lib

all:            proj.lib proj.dll proj.exe

proj.lib:	$(LIBOBJ)
	if exist proj.lib del proj.lib
	lib /out:proj.lib $(LIBOBJ)

proj.dll:	$(LIBOBJ)
	link /debug /dll /def:proj.def /out:proj.dll /implib:proj_i.lib \

proj.exe:	$(PROJEXE_SRC) proj.lib
	cl -I. $(PROJEXE_SRC) proj.lib

geod.exe:	$(GEODEXE_SRC) proj.lib
	cl -I. $(GEODEXE_SRC) proj.lib

	del *.obj *.lib *.dll
	del *.pdb *.exp

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