[OSRS-PROJ] Porting nad2nad

Richards, Ryan RRichards at BENHAM.com
Wed Feb 14 14:30:03 EST 2001

Mr. Warmerdam,

I would like to port nad2nad (the NAD conversion utility for NAD27->NAD83)
to java. I would also like to implement in Oracle 8i with the spatial
project we are doing. I would be interested in hearing any comments,
thoughts, restrictions about doing. 

I would also like to ask the group if anyone has done this already.

Ryan Richards 
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Atkins Benham  
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"Susanne R. Och" wrote:
> Dear Mr Warmerdam,
> I am trying to generate the geod.dll and geod.exe for windows (PC: WinNT
> 4.0 SP4). As you already explained to Andrew Larcombe (email from Dec, 1st
> 2000), I also missed the def file. Now I got it from his email attachment.
> But what I really would like to generate is geod.exe and geod.dll for
> Windows. In a first step I will call the geod.exe from my java
> in a second step I intend integrate geod.dll using the java native
> interface (faster and cleaner).
> Did I get it right: you have a makefile for geod using microsoft visual
> available by cvs for proj4 ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Susanne


I am attaching the current development makefile.vc, which includes a
rule to build geod.exe. 

Good luck,

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