[OSRS-PROJ] Projection Parameters Meta Information

Michael Lacher michael.lacher at geospace.co.at
Fri Apr 19 04:41:12 EDT 2002


I am employing PROJ in a project, and one task is to convert map 
coordinates into a user definable coordinate system for display of 
cursor position. So far the selectable projections was fixed and 
relatively small, but now the user wants more projections to be added to 
this list.

I think the best way to achieve this in an extendible fashion would be 
to build a set of metadescriptions for PROJ projections and parameters, 
which would ideally be stored in a file. The the system reads this file 
(which can then be updated for newer versions of proj) and automatically 
constructs a user interface which lets the user enter the appropriate 

What would be needed would be something like:

For projection type:
* human readable name
* name used by PROJ
* parameters which can be used with this projection

For ellipse:
* human readable name
* name used by PROJ

For Parameters
* human readable name
* name used by PROJ
* internal unique ID which is used by projection type to specify the 
links between projection and parameters

My question is: Does something like this exist already (preferrable as a 
free library) ?

If yes: where can I find informatino about it ?
If no:  would anyone (except me) be interested in such a thing ?


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