[OSRS-PROJ] Exported function documentation

Alexander Weidauer alex.weidauer at huckfinn.de
Thu Mar 7 17:25:51 EST 2002

Hi ,

You miss understand me,I use 
CygWin32 to test the unix like 
original version.

what I don't understand is, the you are 
writing a com application for a plain
system subcalling interface for 7 essential
and 10 or 15 extended function interfaces ?

1. Function  _pj_init_plus
2. Function  _pj_fwd
3. Function  _pj_inv
4. Function  _pj_transform
5. Function  _pj_free
6. Function  _pj_strerrno
7. Function  _pj_get_errno_ref

8. Function  _pj_compare_datums
9. Function  _pj_is_latlong
10. Function  _pj_pr_list

Bye Alex

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