[OSRS-PROJ] orthographic projection with proj4 and mapserver.

Tom H tom at scriptsupport.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 12:50:22 EDT 2003

Hi list,

I have an orthographic projection working with mapserver and proj4 here;

the problem is that around the edges, the on-the-fly projection seems to
be creating area that is not defined on the projection, and is being dumped
into the centre of the image. and the interpolation of the boundary is creating
lines that cause that "shards" effect on the image.

Is there any way to modify the projection parameters to correct for that overlap?

my projection section is like this;
Map projection;

 	  "ellps=WGS84" <--- maybe change this to something else


		"ellps=WGS84" <--- maybe change this to something else

Thanks in Advance.


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