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Thanks for responding.
gdalwarptest is an application that is part of the GDAL (http://remotesensing.org/gdal/) project.  gdalwarptest can be used to reproject a raster file.  gdalwarptest seems to make use of the Proj4 library for its reprojection work.
>From your last sentence, I take it that (currently) there is not a PROJ projection formulation for the "projection" that I described.  If I am correct, where would the new projection code be added; and is there a projection that is already coded that I could look at as an example?

"Gerald I. Evenden" <gerald.evenden at verizon.net> wrote:
What is "gdalwarptest?"

What you seem to be describing is the segmented global map divided
into equatorial and polar regions. So? This is not the first time
although the latitude of transition is normally further North & South.

Segmenting a map (a good example is the typical display of Goode's
projection in most atlas' as well as in PROJ's manual is a graphical
operation. Windowing and clipping of data into the segments is
not a function of PROJ. PROJ is used only in projecting the data
using unique initializations for each window segment.

For the rather bizarre polar regions, a PROJ projection would have
to be developed mathematically and coded.

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 11:04, a a wrote:
> Hello.
> I would like gdalwarptest to be able to output files in a particular
> "map projection". This list was recommended as a forum where folks
> might be able to suggest a suitable proj4 projection formulation.
> I've attached a jpeg to this email that might communicate what I am
> thinking. I will try to describe it in words here. I want to
> reproject any equirectangular raster data that is above 45 degrees
> north or below 45 degrees south into a different "map projection". 
> That map projection is described by the two squares at the bottom of
> the jpeg. If it is not clear from the jpeg what I am thinking, please
> let me know and I will try to describe using more words.
> Thank you for your time.
> Mike
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