[OSRS-PROJ] Brief history of PROJ[4]

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Mar 12 13:22:25 EST 2004

Sam Harrell wrote:
> I'm sure a lot of Proj users are transforming WGS84 GPS data into the
> various datums of the world before the cartesian projection is performed.  
> It seems a shame to omit the datum transform functionality from libproj.
> The lack of datum transforms forces a lot of people to stick with Proj, even
> though libProj is more current.

Sam and others,

Geralds decision to concentrate on a core library focused on projection
translation is sensible.  My intention, when time permits, is to refactor
the remotesensing.org version to use Geralds core and then provide services
for datum conversion, prime meridians, alternate axes, dictionary lookup and
so forth at a higher level.

However, I haven't been spending much time on PROJ.4 development, and it isn't
clear how long it might be till such a refactoring gets done.  If there are
other compentent programs interested in leading such an effort, I would be
interested in discussing it.

In the meantime I intend to port some of the new (and improved) projections
from Geralds library into the remotesensing.org proj.4 from time to time.  So
we should still benefit from most of Geralds improvements in the meantime.

Best regards,
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