[Proj] Internet referencing

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Sun Feb 13 17:28:28 EST 2005

Gerald Evenden writes:
> What is the preferred or common way to reference a web site or  information
> that is basically only available from a web site?  For example, I would  like to
> refer to the Gnu Scientific Library for a couple of processes that I  use in
> the preparation of libproj4 procedures.  I do not know of any paper  published
> meterial for the library.

Following snipped from link below

If you would like to refer to the GNU Scientific Library in a journal article, 
the recommended way is to cite the reference manual, e.g. 

M. Galassi et al, GNU Scientific Library Reference Manual (2nd Ed.), ISBN 0954161734.

If you want to give a url, use "http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/". 



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