[Proj] Name for stereographic projection

Gerald Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Sat Feb 5 14:02:41 EST 2005

Another issue that came up with the PEI problem was the name of the
Stereographic projection within the libproj4 system (PROJ.4 for those 
transfered the code).  They were used to it being referred locally as 
"double" projection and were unsure about what was happening with
the libproj4 stuff.  I suspect the "double" was added so as to not get
confused with the stuff from the big gorilla to the south.

I probably should have been smarter than to just call it "Stereographic
Alternate" but most references I see just refer to it as simply 
The documentation does reflect the "double" aspects of the operation but
most people do not read that far.  From what I have seen, nearly all
non-US applications use the alternate/double routine for the oblique

I think I am stuck with '+proj=sterea'.
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