[Proj] (re)projection of rasters

Frank Warmerdam fwarmerdam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 09:22:42 EDT 2005

On 7/19/05, Dave Sampson <gis at watersheds.ca> wrote:
> Alright,
> last time I was looking at vectors. and ogr2ogr -a_srs WGS84 dest src
> worked well for me
> Now I would like to take a raster of the bellow characters and bring it
> into the same layer format. I have tried various things with
> gdal_translate, proj/invproj, but I don't think I actualy understand
> what I'm trying to do (aka I give up). Although I have successfully
> taken a directory of 8 *.adf files (the DEM I would like to import) and
> changed it to a GTIFF. Now if I could reproject it (in the same or
> different step) would be nice.


You can accomplish what you want with GRASS, but I am not
sure of all the details.  An alternative is to warp the image with

  gdalwarp -t_srs WGS84 in_coverage/hdr.adf out.tif

Once again gdalwarp isn't part of PROJ.4 proper, but you
can find it in normal GDAL/OGR builds such as FWTools.

Good luck,

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