[Proj] (re)projection of rasters

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We have a program in the government domain, MapImage (mapimg), which 
specializes in reprojection of raster data, primarily for small-scale 
applications. You can find it at: 

It may work for what you are trying to accomplish. There is a User's Guide 
available as well. We are very close to a new release (version 2) with a 
few more features. If mapimg looks like it will help you, we will be happy 
to give you a pre-release beta version to try.

We hope to publish a full paper soon on the details but, in the meantime, 
in addition to the user's guide, you can check out this abstract and 
presentation from Auto-Carto 2005: 
, http://carto-research.er.usgs.gov/projection/ppt/autoCarto_V2.ppt.

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[Proj] (re)projection of rasters


last time I was looking at vectors. and ogr2ogr -a_srs WGS84 dest src 
worked well for me

Now I would like to take a raster of the bellow characters and bring it 
into the same layer format. I have tried various things with 
gdal_translate, proj/invproj, but I don't think I actualy understand 
what I'm trying to do (aka I give up). Although I have successfully 
taken a directory of 8 *.adf files (the DEM I would like to import) and 
changed it to a GTIFF. Now if I could reproject it (in the same or 
different step) would be nice.

My understanding is that I want to move catesian data (1) to 
cartographic data (2)

My location as seen by GRASS

GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): name: Lat/Lon
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): proj: ll
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): datum: wgs84
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): a: 6378137
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): es: 0.0066943800
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): no_defs: defined

Data to bring in seen by GRASS

Dataset PROJ_INFO is:
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): name: Universe Transverse Mercator
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): proj: utm
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): datum: nad83
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): a: 6378137
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): es: 0.0066943800
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): zone: 18
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(10270,2): no_defs: defined

(data in Ontario MNR DEM in *.adf format)

I have tried

(inv)proj +ellps=WGS84 src

but think I'm missing something. Seemed like a good idea.

I have also tried (as per docs and tutorials) to create a new location 
to import raster to, then turn around and try to reproject the data from 
one location to another. I missed something along the way cause that 
never seemed to work.

I'm sure there is a simple solution.-

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