[Proj] New libproj4 release and expanded manual

Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Thu Mar 10 18:07:24 EST 2005

Thanks so much for yet another great work. We really appreciate
your efforts.

I wish you could try to bring the documentations to the expected/planned
100%, which will be a great support for those working with the library.
If possible, like the library, zip the manual also and tag it with the
release date - could save space too.

Please consider SourceForge, if space is a becoming a problem since some
will wish to dowload earlier releases also.

Again, thanks for the good work.

Best regards,

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Release 05/03/09 of libproj4 is now on:


Also the manual has been expanded to 115 pages and is now about 66%

Change list is now properly installed on the web site---I had not realize
that I did not upload it last time until yesterday.  There are corrections
to older projections.

A few projections were deleted as they could be generated by option values
with more general cases.  About a dozen new projections have been added.

The issue of error control was not addressed in this release and remains

The manual cannot get much larger as I am running out of space on vze.

PLEASE: any complaints, errors and general grousing appreciated.
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