[Proj] Re: Campo Inchauspe to WGS84 parameters

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Fri Nov 11 16:13:09 EST 2005

>From mr. Warmerdam:
> Looking at Cliff's column, it seems EPSG shift is quite
> different than the NIMA one Cliff indicates.  This would
> make me quite nervous about picking just one of them as
> authoritative.

NGA-NIMA gives the -148,136,90 solution as a solution with respect to the
Campo Inchauspe 1969 datum.
The other solution mr. Mugnier's article mentions (-62,-1,-37) is the SAN-A
solution, I believe a mean solution for the whole of Argentina.
See the NGA-NIMA page:

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