[Proj] PROJ 4.5.0 beta4

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Wed Oct 18 08:21:48 EDT 2006

> From: Frank Warmerdam
> Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 01:35:36 -0400
> Subject: [Proj] PROJ 4.5.0 beta4
> Folks,
> OK, I somewhat botched the last release numbering, so I've lept ahead
> to beta4 assuming the last was really beta3.  This beta includes
> the Roussilhe Stereographic projection (copied from libproj4),


Just an irritating remark:
This is not the Roussilhe quasi-stereographic projection to be used in
Poland for Uklad 1965.

lat=52; lon=19; // in Strefa I
lat0="50s 37m 30s"; lon0="21d 5m";
x0=5467000; y0=4637000; m0=0.9998;
// Krasowski 1940 ellipsoid

The real Polish Roussilhe gives:
5621984.4676, 4493939.5305 m
(x,y are interchanged, as are x0,y0; no grid interpolation)

By comparison, the original Roussilhe from libproj gives:
5621984.4747, 4493939.5261
and sterea gives:
5621984.4718, 4493939.5312

Judge for yourself whether these differences are significant.

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