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Charles Karney ckarney at sarnoff.com
Wed Dec 31 10:17:59 EST 2008

Let me defend the GPL.  If you write some software and

(a) you'd like everyone to be able to use it (including reading/
    modifying the code) and

(b) you don't want anyone "extending" your code and then selling
    binary-only copies of the extended code

then GPL is an appropriate license.  Stallman isn't forcing GPL on
anyone; the GPL is merely protecting the authors' rights.  If you don't
like the GPL license on the GSL, then just imagine a possible
alternative: negotiate with the Numerical Algorithms Group for a license
to NAG.

> [Stallman] and GPL [do] nothing but impede open interchange of
> software.

This just shows an ignorance of history.  To mention one example:
Torvalds chose the GPL for Linux.  A more "liberal" license (e.g., the
MIT license) would have resulted in a Balkanized effort with multiple
commercial entities attempting to sell versions of Linux with their
various proprietary extensions.  (Similarly you should be thankful that
the gcc compiler is covered by the GPL.)

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