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There is a picture of the Sud Algerie Grid on page 4-25 in
but the resolution is bad.  One can see that the grid extends farther south than the zero Northing line, though. 
I wrote: 
> Let me see if I got it right.
but I didn't; the wrap-around occurs where the Northing becomes zero.  
Clifford Mugnier wrote (to me): 

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No.  From the Northing being 300 km at the Latitude of Origin, 33º 18' North, going South from there the ordinate would decrease to zero.  At that point, it would then have a "jump" value of 1,000 km and then decrease South from there.  Such things require a logical "IF" to work properly in GIS software.  With most of GIS software being programmed by programmers and not Cartographers or Geodesists, it remains a conundrum.
Likewise, using ellipsoidal Loxodromes for boundaries between various Grids ...  :-)
C. Mugnier


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Thanks for explaining.  I did not understand that the extra False Northing should be added only south of the False Origin. 
Let me see if I got it right.
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