[Proj] Official source for some NTv2 files?

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>The best link would be http://lambert93.ign.fr/index.php?id=30#c71
>For spain files, it may be the same thing, a distribution on an annexe site, 
>as lambert93.ign.fr despite of ign.fr
>Best regards,
>J?r?me Cuinet
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>Subject: [Proj] Official source for some NTv2 files?
>> Hello,
>> In July 2008, Richard Didier wrote about the ntf_r93.gsb file
>> ( http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/proj/2008-July/003590.html ).
>> I just wondered what would be the best way to give a web link
>> to this file.  I thought it had been published on the www.ign.fr web
>> site,
>> but I cannot find it there.  So maybe the file is just a semi-official
>> service to the open source community?  And the canonical web link
>> should go to the PROJ.4 site?
>> Same question for the file Dictionaries/Spain/sped2et-2005.gsb
>> in the CS-Map distribution (http://trac.osgeo.org/csmap).
>> I cannot find it by googling for
>>  "sped2et-2005.gsb" site:www.ign.es
>> Would the canonical link go to the CS-Map site?
>> Best regards,
>> --
>> Mikael Rittri
>> Carmenta AB
>> www.carmenta.com


It looks like the Spanish files (there's one for the Balearic Islands too) are here:



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