[Proj] Winkel Tripel Problems

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 02:29:39 EST 2012

Mikael wrote:
> > ... I wonder why Winkel Tripel is not supported.

> Lars wrote:
> Probably because Proj.4 supports only the forward direction
> (from Long/Lat to projected coordinates).

tip o'the day:
 for rasters which won't reproject due to one-way projections, convert
each cell center to a x,y,z point, then use cs2cs (or equiv) to do the
forward projection. Regrid the reprojected swarm of points into a raster
at the other end.

In GRASS this is r.out.xyz -> m.proj (or cs2cs) -> r.in.xyz, but most
other general purpose GIS will have the same capability.



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