[Proj] Missing proj_def.dat in 4.9.1 release

Roger Bivand roger.bivand at nhh.no
Sun Sep 6 15:02:20 EST 2015

Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic <at> xs4all.nl> writes:

> On 06-09-15 17:55, Roger Bivand wrote:
> > Please may I ask when a new release will be forthcoming to remedy the
> > serious shortcoming of the 4.9.1 release? This has now propogated and is
> > causing chaos in uses in the R world. For example, the Debian proj-data
> > package does not have proj_def.dat, I don't know about other distributions.
> As a temporary solution for this problem, I've updated the proj Debian
> package to install proj_def.dat again.
> The just uploaded proj (4.9.1-3) contains two patches, the first adds
> nad/proj_def.dat as currently on the GitHub master branch, the second is
> the nad/Makefile.am change by hobu to install proj_def.dat again.
> proj (4.9.1-3) should migrate to testing in 5 days. Ubuntu should pick
> it up soon for the upcoming wily release.

Thank you very much, this will certainly help many users (provided that they
update their systems once 4.9.1-3 becomes available). I'll post on R-sig-geo
to alert them.

Does anyone know how to warn other packagers - I had hoped people would pick
this up from Trac in May, but was alarmed to find that nothing had been done?


> I'm not sure what the procedure is to generate release tarballs, so I
> couldn't test if the Makefile.am change is sufficient to have
> proj_def.dat included in the release tarballs too.
> Kind Regards,
> Bas

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