[Proj] Missing proj_def.dat in 4.9.1 release

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 6 15:17:09 EST 2015

On 06-09-15 22:02, Roger Bivand wrote:
> Does anyone know how to warn other packagers - I had hoped people would pick
> this up from Trac in May, but was alarmed to find that nothing had been done?

This thread is the first I hear of this issue, so that's a good start.
Filing bugreports on the various distribution packages is probably the
best way to get the attention of the various distribution maintainers
who don't read this list. The best way to get distribution maintainers
attention is with a new upstream release.

If you want to hunt down the distributions including PROJ.4 you can use
the whohas utility to query the various distribution repositories.


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