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Duncan Agnew dagnew at ucsd.edu
Wed Feb 28 13:49:10 EST 2018


If I understand the material about deformation grids correctly (and I may
not) these describe velocities only.
HTDP includes velocities, but also the episodic deformation associated with
earthquakes: which earthquakes
of course depends on the two time epochs. This could all be done using the
pipeline system by providing
displacement grids for each earthquake, though the user would have to chose
which ones to chain together.
HDTP hides all these complications, in keeping with its original goal of
providing an easily-used black box
for surveyors who had data from a number of different epochs. Initially it
was intended for use only for
California and environs, though over the years it has been extended--I see
that It now includes postglacial
rebound for the Eastern US.

But if there is a way to provide the same functionality without HTDP I can
see that this would be cleaner.

Duncan Agnew
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