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Howard Butler <howard at hobu.co> writes:

Thanks for the comments.

> PROJ has never operated under the aegis of anything really. The MetaCRS
> attempt tried to rally SRS-related software projects under an umbrella
> within OSGeo, but as I've mentioned on the MetaCRS list [1], it is a
> failure as an organizing principle for the software projects. We are
> ostensibly required to vote within MetaCRS to agree on a release, but it
> is unfortunate make-work that doesn't really protect the release, and it
> is a motion put forward to an uninterested voting base. I think it is
> time to dissolve MetaCRS as an authority at least as it pertains to
> releases and software project management. It's still a great mailing
> list with access to real expertise on coordinate systems (that overlaps
> with this mailing list, but not entirely).

That's all fine - I was just wondering if the metacrs notion extended to
proj operating as part of osgeo in a legal sense, in terms of being able
to process contributions as 501c3 etc.

> PROJ needs some kind of body for release organization and technical
> dispute resolution (we've never had one). A PSC will be a better
> governance situation than exists now for PROJ. The PSC approach,
> pioneered by Frank in the MapServer and GDAL communities, would work
> very well for PROJ. The PSC names I listed were chosen because they have
> been active recently (well, except Frank, who provides institutional
> memory).

Sure, that's also fine, and separable from the legal organization

I have been dealing with proj for a very long time, and am glad that it
is continuing in a healthy manner.
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