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Mon Jun 4 15:37:14 EST 2018

Dear Howard,

can you provide the units for a "very long time"?

Unfortunately what I see is a visionless PSC. I see developers and I see a
respected cataloger of grids with knowledge of algorithms.
What I don't see is a vision for the future, lists of requirements,
representatives of the user community and a lack of Product Management
processes including the method of choosing PSC members. Where are the
requirements for a PSC? What talents do you need for an effective PSC?
Currently I see a stampede, let's act before we think, let's vote before we
decide the rules. When I see program management like this I automatically
expect long term failure. If you are not inclusive you omit the majority of
interested parties. I have no interest in joining the PSC. I have over 55
years of developing, using, maintaining Projection software within batch
and real-time mapping and  navigation software. Much of my software was
distributed with DOD, DMA and Minerals Management. Some of it came back to
me after I moved to a Major Oil Company. Derivatives still exist in
military equipment. Some small piece ended up in the first commercial GPS

The Oil industry has problems with all current commercial Projection
software because of fundamental problems related to legal ownership as
things change.

So you can continue on with this process with or without thinking, the
choice is yours,

Huw James
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