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Howard's proposal is following the pattern for a variety of other projects
in the open source geospatial world.  The RFC speaks briefly to some
expectations, but there is also a broader "defacto practice" for project
management within OSGeo and in the broader open source world.  I think it
is valuable to think of this as formalizing a few parts of that - in
particular a mechanism to resolve disputes should they arise.

I think Howard, Even, Kristian and others have expressed useful future
directions here on this list, and in the "GDAL Barn Raising" initiative.
Also the overall goal of the project is on the web page "a C API for
software developers to include coordinate transformation in their own

For a relatively modest sized open source project, expecting formal program
management in the sense it is "enjoyed" by better funded projects and those
done in other development context is - IMHO - impractical. The PSC exists
to ensure that interested developers who want to contribute can do so on a
fairly even playing field, and with a mechanism to resolve radically
incompatible approaches.  That aside, things will mostly move forward
according to the needs of developers who contribute and as the first order
users of PROJ are mostly developers themselves I think that can work
reasonably well.

I also don't think that this is happening in a "stampede".  Aspects of this
have been a topic at conferences for many years, and it is following a well
established pattern.

Note that legal ownership of the code is still in the hands of the original
developers (as is the default with copyright) and use rights are implicit
in the open source license it was contributed under.  The PSC exists to try
and manage a consensus model around the development of what will hopefully
be the most widely accepted branch of the software.  Ultimately forking can
still happen.

Trying to provide a little Emeritus institutional memory to justify my
presence on the PSC. :-)

Best regards,

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 1:37 PM, Huw James <huwejames at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Howard,
> can you provide the units for a "very long time"?
> Unfortunately what I see is a visionless PSC. I see developers and I see a
> respected cataloger of grids with knowledge of algorithms.
> What I don't see is a vision for the future, lists of requirements,
> representatives of the user community and a lack of Product Management
> processes including the method of choosing PSC members. Where are the
> requirements for a PSC? What talents do you need for an effective PSC?
> Currently I see a stampede, let's act before we think, let's vote before we
> decide the rules. When I see program management like this I automatically
> expect long term failure. If you are not inclusive you omit the majority of
> interested parties. I have no interest in joining the PSC. I have over 55
> years of developing, using, maintaining Projection software within batch
> and real-time mapping and  navigation software. Much of my software was
> distributed with DOD, DMA and Minerals Management. Some of it came back to
> me after I moved to a Major Oil Company. Derivatives still exist in
> military equipment. Some small piece ended up in the first commercial GPS
> system.
> The Oil industry has problems with all current commercial Projection
> software because of fundamental problems related to legal ownership as
> things change.
> So you can continue on with this process with or without thinking, the
> choice is yours,
> Huw James
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