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Zack Galbreath zack.galbreath at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 16:46:00 EST 2010

On Fri10/2910 Fri Oct 29 10:20 AM, Zack Galbreath wrote:
> I'm trying to use OpenLayers to display a large image and allow users 
> to add annotations to them.
> To accomplish this, I'm using OpenLayers.Layer.TMS.  If I tell my 
> custom map to use the Frida layer I get the following error upon 
> saving an annotation:
> |ERROR:  new row for relation "frida" violates check constraint "enforce_srid_the_geom"|

After changing the projection that I use, I'm now able to save to the 
frida layer from my custom map.  This leads me to believe that I didn't 
create my new, empty layer properly.  Could you please tell me the right 
way to create a new layer that can accept points, lines, and polygons?  
I'm hoping to be able to associate an annotation (text) with each stored 
feature as well.

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