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fabienne picot cfab13 at hotmail.fr
Wed Oct 8 10:46:42 EDT 2008

I am on Windows.

And I've tried to install OSGeo4W, but it seems gdal_merge is not include in it.
In fact the extensions with python are not include, and I don't know how to do to install the components.

Best regards

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> fabienne picot wrote:
> > I don't know, I just discover fwtools.
> > 
> > - How could I update the python's package?
> Fabienne,
> Generally speaking you cannot update the python version for FWTools.
> If you are on linux, it is not particularly hard to build GDAL with
> python support from source, and I would just advise that instead of
> using FWTools - if you need to mix things.
> If you are windows, perhaps you could use OSGeo4W which uses a newer
> Python version (2.5 I think).
> > - I'm searching for a tool that could assemble a lot of raster in an 
> > image which size would be small.
> It sounds like the gdal_merge.py script would be suitable for this purpose
> assuming the source images have appropriate georeferencing.  In any event,
> the gdal_merge.py script could likely be an example from which you build
> what you need.
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