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Kurt Gunther kdgunther at mapgistics.com
Sat May 7 12:40:04 EST 2011

I have just discovered FWTools and am really excited about the  ogr2ogr


I am attempting to upload shape files into a local instance of SQL Server
2008R2 and am receiving an error when running the ogr2ogr utility from the
command line. I am following a structure from the website


The command line is:  ogr2ogr -f MSSQLSpatial


The error message is: FAILURE: Unable to open datasource
'tl_2009_17045_arealn.shp' with the following drivers. It then lists all the
available drivers.  The MSSQLSpatial driver is not there.  I am guessing
that I am missing the MSSQLSpatial driver, or it is not configured properly,
or my command line structure is invalid.


Any insight or examples would be helpful.  I am running on Windows 7.


Best regards,



Kurt Gunther, CEO

Mapgistics, Inc.

5225 Canyon Crest Drive


Riverside, CA  92507



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